About Sofie

My name is Sofie, I'm a printmaker, illustrator, and mom of two little girls. I live in Waalre, which is a small village in the south of the Netherlands (near Eindhoven).

Even when I was a little girl, I always thought I would be doing a creative job of some sort in the future. I ended up studying Graphic Design at the ArtEZ Academy of Arts in Arnhem. I learned a lot, but illustration wasn't part of the education, which I started longing for after a year or two.
I took matters in my own hands and started drawing again. I taught myself how to screen print on different materials, and so on.
Motherhood slowed down the whole creating process, I could only do a little bit each day. So while the girls played I planned ahead what I was going to do once they’re in school/bed/out with dad. In 2016 I dove into relief printing, which I really enjoyed and decided to focus on improving my skills. I invested in some very nice tools, paper and ink, and got my fingers dirty.

The subjects used in my work are women (often in a mindful or meditative state), nature, a little magic (moon, sun, stars, those are kind of magical to me), and there's lots of cats and hair involved as well. I try to create from what I imagine, rather than what I see in front of me.